Morning-After Pill Is Ineffective For Most Women

Well, shit. A European drug manufacturer that makes a morning-after pill identical to the American emergency contraceptive, Plan B, has found that the drug does not work on women weighing over 176 pounds. Furthermore, the contraceptive begins to lose its strength after 165 pounds, making it almost ineffective for any woman heavier than that to use the drug.

Okay. I know we all live in the Greek world where women are tens and casual sex has no repercussions, but for those not living in this fantasy, this is a scary revelation. According to the CDC, the average white American woman weighs 166 pounds and the average black American woman weighs 189 pounds, making the morning-after pill almost ineffective for the average white woman and completely ineffective for the average black woman.

Norvelo, the European version of Plan B, is currently being repackaged in order to include the new weight restrictions on the box. The manufacturers of the American emergency contraceptives have not commented on the issue as of yet. Look, as someone who has a degree in medicine via WebMD, I don’t find this completely shocking. People are often prescribed higher or lower doses of medicine depending on their height/weight, so it makes sense that an emergency contraceptive would work the same way. However, someone really should’ve figured this whole thing out, oh, I don’t know…years ago.

The Plan B website proudly states that the emergency contraceptive is 95% effective when taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex. But that now means that it’s only 95% effective for women weighing less than 165 pounds and 0% effective for women weighing over 176 pounds. Those who fall between those two weights better say a Hail Mary and hope for the best. Look. The point of the morning-after pill is to protect women from unwanted pregnancies. It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s available without a prescription, and it is almost guaranteed to work…until now. The moral of the story, is gentlemen: wrap it up. And Plan B: prepare for a class action lawsuit; this is some pretty fucked news.

[via Time]


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