Morgan State University Fraternity Allegedly Rejects Member Because He’s Gay

Brian Stewart is a 20-year-old business major at Morgan State University in Baltimore. He boasts impressive academic accomplishments, and even interned at the White House. Bri Bri had his heart set on pledging Kappa Alpha Psi. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of a pastor who had mentored him during his youth in Annapolis. “What he offered to me, I wanted the ability to offer that to someone else,” Stewart explained.

Unfortunately, Brian was never able to live out his collegiate dreams, because he was balled. It happens, right? People get rejected from fraternities all the time. In fact, the elitism is part of the allure. Some people just don’t make the cut. They don’t have the grades. They don’t fit in with the brothers. They’re gay. Wait, what?

Stewart was rejected the day after his interview with the fraternity, and he believes it’s because of his sexual orientation. That could be an outlandish cry of “prejudice,” or it could be because hateful anti-gay slurs were delivered to him over social media, allegedly coming from the brothers of the fraternity.

Naturally, Stewart was devastated, what with all his GAY emotions and whatnot. I understand that on the part of an organization, it’s difficult to back a cause that seems controversial, but Brian seems like a stand-up guy to me — he’s smart, he goes to church, he’s impeccably dressed — and fraternities are supposed to be about brotherhood, not politics. Moreover, how do you think a fraternity’s gay members feel when you ball a guy just for being gay? Probably not very good.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. You have gay members in your organization. Almost all of you do, because it’s a statistical improbability that you don’t. Don’t believe me? Find any sorority’s token sassy gay guy (you know, the one who is obsessed with their letters and ends up as someone’s date to every single function?) and he will be able to tell you which guys bat for his team in every single fraternity, who they’ve hooked up with, and which way their dicks curve. Those members are great, and there’s no reason they would have been less great just because you found out they like being in the weights section of the gym for a different reason than you do, before they were members. Plus, having a gay guy in the house is an awesome way to get more girls to come around.

Bet you didn’t think of that, Kappa Alpha Psi. It’s too late for them to amend their decision now, as Stewart is no longer interested in the fraternity, but filed the complaint to raise awareness.

[via Baltimore Sun]


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