More “Offensive” Signs Emerge On College Campuses, More People Go Cray

More "Offensive" Signs Emerge On College Campuses, More People Go Cray

After the tragic events yesterday, when some hooligans hung a sheet banner in front of their house for freshman move-in day, as tradition dictates, the world is up in arms. The signs, again, are below.

Original Offensive Signs

It was eventually discovered that some of the men who put up the banners were Sigma Nus (though this was not at the Sigma Nu house), and the fraternity has been temporarily suspended. SUSPENDED.

Many were outraged, but I was outraged by the outrage. It’s a simple joke. Not to mention that, as TSM users texxasbabe and bythegraceofgod pointed out, consensual sex is a thing that not only exists, but is enjoyed by many on college campuses everywhere.

In any case, some students at Ohio State University are now receiving the same backlash for similar signs.

Lane and Indianola, earlier today.

Posted by Eleven Warriors on Saturday, August 22, 2015

The boys responded innocently enough.

Our motives were not to insult or look down on anyone, not to be sexist,” Justin Miller, who lives at the house, told WCMH. “Our motive is just to have fun. It is college.”

“People have been saying we are misogynists, we are sexist, we are degrading towards women. My dad, he is a good Christian man, I am a good Christian man, but we just do this for fun. We are not trying to cause any havoc or stir up any trouble, we are just trying to have some fun,” Alex Sheets, who also lives at the house, said.

Need I remind everyone that girls put up signs like this too? Take this one for example.

Offensive Dad Sign


Here are some examples of signs that might have actually been symbolic of sexual assault.

• Freshman daughter drop-off. PS. We’re rapists.
• Go ahead and drop off mom too. Frat Boys > Pool Boys.
• Free Roofies!
• Daughter DayCaress and other unwanted sexual groping.
• Daughter SlayCare

See? Offensive. Indicative of sexual assault and nonconsensual sex. The others are just some harmless heckling in good fun. There is a difference.

[via Jezebel]

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