Mom Adorably Turns Little Boy Into Harry Potter When He Cuts His Forehead (Pictures)

Harry Potter

When I was little, I cut my own bangs. My mom said I needed a haircut and even at the young age of four, I didn’t want to deal with the headache and small talk that went along with sitting in a salon chair. So I did was any independent woman would do.

I took my safety scissors and got to chopping.

I made my mom cry that day. Upon seeing my cute blond locks on the floor, and a very short fringe on the top of my head, she threw out my scissors and avoided eye contact with people in public when we went out. It wasn’t until the principal of my school called her in to ask if something was wrong at home, thanks to my disheveled appearance, that I realized it — I looked like shit. And even as a little kid, I was embarrassed as hell.

One little boy understood the feeling when he fell and got a cut on his head. He was just doing the usual, jumping into piles of folded clothes in his bedroom, when he slipped and hit his head on the bed. It wasn’t anything serious, but it did leave an ~embarrassing~ cut. He was so alarmed by his perfect face being marred that he refused to leave the house. So his mom, having none of that shit, jumped into action.

In a genius move, she immediately grabbed a marker and some glasses and turned her annoying son into Harry freaking Potter. And naturally, she posted the pictures to Imgur, because what’s the point of doing something cute if the whole internet doesn’t hear about it, ya know?

It's okay, mommy can fix this…

Click the arrows on teh right to see the whole *magical* process.

If the pictures aren’t enough to make you want to procreate and turn your child into “The Chose One,” the comments should, as always, do the trick.

• Now shove him in a cupboard under the stairs.
• Until Voldemort comes knocking at your door.
• When a little boy’s eyes/eyelashes are 100x prettier than yours…
• Damn I wish I had those lashes
• SPOILER ALERT!!! This is how Harry really got his scar…

Now I’m not going to say that this mom handled the situation better than my mom did, but I’m also not not saying that, you know? Still, I think we all learned a valuable lesson. Never, ever get bangs, and if your little kid gets a cut, immediately turn him into Harry James Potter or GTFO. The internet guys. It’s a magical place.

[via Imgur, h/t Imgur h/t Cosmopolitan]

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