Model Tries To Flirt With Border Patrol So They Won’t Notice $134,000 Worth Of Cocaine

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It’s safe to say that most girls have, at one point or another, flirted with a police officer to avoid a ticket. Sometimes it works, and you get off scot free thanks to Mr. and Mrs. D cup. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and you only make yourself look like an idiot before getting rejected by a guy who spends the majority of his day eating doughnuts and hanging out with other dudes. One thing is for sure: it’s always worth a shot.

This does not mean that you should assume batting your eyelashes at border patrol will exempt you from going to jail if you are transporting a crazy amount of drugs. Apparently that shit just doesn’t fly.

A 39-year-old Mexican model and U.S. citizen named Anett Pikula recently stopped at a checkpoint in Arizona, as one does when they’re entering a different country. Federal agents became suspicious when Pikula was blatantly flirty with the patrol officers, who described her as “overly talkative.” After deciding that something was off, federal agents utilized a drug-sniffing dog to search her car, where they found $134,000 worth of cocaine, shrink-wrapped and horribly hidden.

I’m sure she thought this was a genius plan, but she was very, very wrong about that. She’s a friggin’ model, and could clearly do way better than a dude who is basically a glorified mall cop with extensive knowledge on drug smuggling. Obviously the sweaty patrol dudes were going to be like, “Something’s up, we are way too gross for this lady to actually be into us.”

Pikula is now in the custody of federal immigration officers, probably attempting to push her boobs together under her orange jumpsuit to get a little leeway. I wish her the best of luck.

[via Fox News]

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