Mizzou Mob Harasses Journalism Student For Invading “Safe Space”

Mizzou Mob

Things are going crazy at Mizzou right now. Over the past several months, there have been displays of racism ranging from some n-bombs to a swastika being drawn in human feces outside a residence hall. It’s not been great. But recently things have been taken to new heights when students started protesting. Student Jonathan Butler went on a hunger strike, and intended to starve himself until he died if Mizzou President Tim Wolfe was not removed from office. Shortly after, the Mizzou football team threatened not to play if the same demand was not met, which would cost the school one million dollars.

Well, unsurprisingly, a man lost his job yesterday. And at this point, it seems he might be better off for it, because campus tensions are only growing higher. Currently, protesters have set up tents in “safe spaces” on campus. And “safe space” apparently means “the only rights that matter here are my own.”

Try not to cringe as a reporter and Mizzou journalism student with the first amendment right to freedom of the press and incredible strength is harassed and borderline assaulted by students and faculty alike at the school.

Everything about this video is cringe worthy — literally everything — but particularly how clever everyone thinks they are. “My name is 1950.” The terrible chant. “You lost this one, bro.” Seriously, STFU. And more importantly, the complete disregard for someone just because they’re not explicitly on your side — the mob mentality, pushing a student and the douchey line “it’s our right to walk forward.” No, it’s fucking not. That’s not a right. Reporting national news is.

Good God, I hope things straighten out soon, but I fear our first amendment rights will only be further infringed upon as time goes on — if not by the law, then by society itself.

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Veronica Ruckh

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