Mizzou Campus Being Threatened With Violence Over Yik Yak


At first, I found myself describing the ongoings at Mizzou as “insane.” And they are insane, but at this point, my heart is breaking for the students there. After a hunger strike, a football strike, the resignation of the school’s president, protesters policing students’ rights to freedom of the press, and the campus encouraging students to call the police if they hear “hurtful speech,” you’d think Mizzou had been through enough. But it’s getting worse.

Tonight, there have been some threats against the campus, some of them ambiguous, and some racist in nature.

Mizzou Yik Yak

Mizzou Yik Yak 2

Yik Yak 3

The Maneater, Mizzou’s student newspaper is retweeting some of the social media buzz flying around campus. Some of the sororities are allegedly on lockdown, though these rumors have not been confirmed.

The school is aware of the threats and is increasing security. Stay safe out there.

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