Missing Your Mom? Don’t Worry, Now You Can Rent One


It’s that time of the year again. As we pack up our skanky Halloween costumes and our self-control, we get out our oversized sweaters, buy all of the carbs we’ve avoided for so long, and get ready for the holidays.

And while this comes with some really happy moments, most of the time, the holidays include missing our family. Maybe it’s seeing all of the Christmas decorations at Target (seriously? Still too early). Maybe it’s making the cookies our moms perfected long ago. Or maybe it’s just the cold weather, making you wish you could cuddle up next to your loved ones and ask life advice. Either way, as the warm days fade away and the holidays get closer, we all start to miss our moms. A lot. And even though most of of us are lucky enough to see our families during this time, others are not.

And for some of us needy people, we just can not wait until Thanksgiving weekend or winter break. So, Nina Keneally decided to do something about it. She created NeedAMom, and it’s exactly what it sounds like — A mom rental service.

From NeedAMom:

Everybody needs a mom now and then but maybe not his or her own mom.

How about a short-term, temporary mom?

A mom who won’t

• Question your lifestyle choice
• Be judgmental about your hair, your wardrobe, your friends, your vegan diet
• Compare you to your sister Maggie or your cousin Jake
• Expect presents ever (or even an ecard)
• Keep you on the phone for 45 minutes talking about the neighbor’s cat or your uncle’s gout
• Ask you to be in a selfie with her

A mom who will

• Listen to you over a cup of joe, hot chocolate or wine
• Review your resume and edit documents
• Iron your shirt for that big interview
• Watch a movie with you when you just don’t want to be alone (and bring the popcorn)
• Make that pecan pie that you really really love
• Buy your real mom’s Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa and birthday presents & wrap and ship them

Remember NeedAMom is like the Magic 8-Ball but you don’t have to shake her and turn her upside.

The 63-year-old founder and mom got the idea because she was taking a yoga class and realized just how much us millennials missed our moms. For $40 an hour, your rent-a-mom will review a resume, listen to your boy problems, watch a movie with you, got shopping, or just have a glass of wine and convince you that you’re not crazy. And she’ll do all of this without judgment, comparisons, or asking probing questions that you totally have to lie about. But, it gets better. Being the total mom she is, Nina went on to say that the rate is flexible and she’s willing to negotiate for people with financial problems who really need some mom-help. Ugh, she just gets us.

Because no matter what we say or how independent we act, sometimes we just really, really need our moms.

[via Elite Daily ]

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