Miss New York Calls Miss America “Fat As @*#$!”

They’re jealous, insecure, talk shit about their frenemies, and blackmail each other for doing so. Beauty pageant winners — they’re just like us!

This past July, after being crowned Miss New York, Nina Davuluri went back to her room with some gal pals to celebrate by smelling a cheeseburger (presumably). It was the typical girl gossip. I was so nervous on stage. I hated the host’s dress. Did you see current Miss America title-holder Mallory Hagan? She’s “fat as [bleep].” I’m assuming she was fat as fuck, but she may have been fat as shit like that squirrel in DG. Is there any validity in that statement? Unsure, you be the judge.

Mallory Hagan Fat

No thigh gap. NS.

Davuluri’s friends also made some racist remarks. Unluckily for all of them, a fellow contestant was in the adjacent hotel room, and recorded the whole thing. Biatch. Fabulous and evil.

Miss New York’s representative says there’s no validity to the statement, and Davuluri herself spoke to Mallory Hagan to apologize and try to secure her possible future title. She also posted the following status to Facebook:

“I want to apologize for the awful statements made by people in my room . . . There were people who claimed to be my supporters and said things I never agreed with, nor supported . . . I was never a part of the words or statements that may have been hurtful . . . I’m sorry if someone said something that was inappropriate.”


[via Fox]

Image via SI Live


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