Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, And Rihanna Are All Staring In A Movie Together


What do you get when you put together comedy writer Mindy Kaling, award-winning actress/good girl Anne Hathaway, and award-winning musician/badass Rihanna? The new all-female “Ocean’s Ocho” cast, apparently. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, and rapper/comedian Awkwafina are also part of the cast, which is a remake of the comedy heist movie “Ocean’s Eleven.” The big thing in Hollywood right now is doing all female remakes of great movies that starred a group of guys, because feminism. The recent all female “Ghostbusters” remake wasn’t exactly what many would call a success, but I admire their persistence to further women’s roles in Hollywood.

George Clooney’s character will be played by Sandra Bullock, which seems like a good choice as she is the most tough yet charming one of the bunch. I’m mostly excited for the interactions between Mindy Kaling and Rihanna, as they seem like the two most opposite people on this planet. I can just see it now: Rihanna walking into the casino like she owns the place in a revealing silk dress, sky high heels, and a fur vest, and Mindy Kaling stumbling in behind her holding her shoes in her hand because it was a long walk from the Uber.

Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett are the only ones who are for sure going to be in the movie, while the rest of the cast are still negotiating their contracts. The original “Ocean’s Eleven” was set in Las Vegas and involved robbing casinos, while this new movie is supposedly going to be set in New York, where I hope they’re robbing something like Barney’s or Tiffany’s.

I don’t want this movie to be another box office failure like “Ghostbusters” because I worship anything Mindy Kaling does, but I will say that comedian John Mulaney has a joke from his 2012 special where he says that an all female “Ocean’s Eleven” wouldn’t work because girls are gossipy bitches.

He’s not wrong, and who knows, maybe that’ll be part of the movie. The eight women break off into two groups and battle each other for who steals the best jewelry from Tiffany’s. One can only dream that Mindy Kaling and Rihanna get into a fist fight over the $86,000 Tiffany Soleste yellow and white diamond ring in platinum and 18k gold.

The movie is set to begin filming this fall and hopefully released soon because I, for one, can’t wait.

[via Hello Giggles]

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