Miley Cyrus Is Performing A Concert Totally Nude Because She’s Miley F*cking Cyrus


Just when you think Miley can’t Miley any harder, she goes and outdoes herself once again.

She’s planning a show where everyone is naked. Literally. She’ll be naked, her band will be naked, and if you want to come, you have to get naked too. Check out the Instagram announcement below:

Wayne Cone, lead singer of the Flaming Lips, posted the above Instagram and everyone in the comments is rightfully freaking out. A sweaty, crowded concert is probably the last place in the world I would want to be naked. I would rather show up naked to class than be naked at a Miley Cyrus concert. How is that sanitary? Trick question: it’s not. Also, what exactly is this milky substance you speak of? And is it going to give me a yeast infection?

Naked concert aside and on some weird level, I kind of dig Miley Cyrus. Yeah, she was more “my type” when she had long brown hair and was dating engaged to Liam Hemsworth, and maybe she does too many drugs, but you have to admit, she’s fucking ballsy. She’s a Disney star turned hippie pot head — that’s quite a transformation. And if she was ruining her life by doing things like drunk driving or attacking people with an umbrella, á la Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears, I would be worried for the girl. But she’s still handling her shit like a boss.

She’s a little kooky, obviously. Maybe she should lay off the weed, just a little. But for the most part, she’s still making music, she hosted the VMAs without making herself look like a total idiot, and she actually created a nonprofit that keeps homeless and LGBTQ youth off the streets. Props, girl. You’re fucking crazy, but it’s a good kind of crazy, so go on with ya bad self, Miley.

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