Miley Cyrus Hints at Failing Engagement via Twitter

Miley “Draco Malfoy” Cyrus is no stranger to Twitter drama. After her annoying existence on the social media site years ago, Miley deleted her account and made a rap song about it. Apparently, the cause of the deletion then was her relationship with her now fiance Liam Hemsworth. He became irritated with her inability to discuss private matters with him, while maintaining a readiness to vent about them in 140 characters or less. Recently, Miley has taken back to Twitter to let her fans know that she has “got some serious thinking to do. #decisions.” And apparently, Liam is PISSED…with good reason. While she claims that these middle school-level public outbursts are not about her engagement to the Hunger Games star, private sources say otherwise. While the two have been a little rocky as of late, Hemsworth prefers that his fiance take the high road and not hint at trouble in paradise over the internet.

So is a breakup on the horizon? I certainly hope so. I know Liam’s been busy working and traveling, so maybe he’s just now actually spent time around Miley Cyrus and her hack job? Unclear.



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