Michael Phelps Ate An Entire Pound Of Pasta After His Last Win, Proves Carbs Are The Secret To Success

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Everyone has a different recovery system after a workout. It can vary depending on a lot of factors, like whether you’re an actual athlete or just someone who accidentally stumbled into the gym and felt obligated to step onto the treadmill, aka me. My metabolism ain’t what it used to be, and often I find myself choosing questionable recovery methods through various pieces of gym equipment that I don’t know how to use. Generally these methods also involve buying myself sushi, or having a beer, or picking up ice cream before I’ve even made it home from the gym. Then, the next morning, I look at my tummy in the mirror and bitch about not having six pack abs. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s my system, and it works for me. Sort of.

Professional athletes have some alternative, more legitimate methods of recovery. Ice baths are a common step after an intense workout, or getting a massage to loosen tight muscles. I would never turn down a massage, but there’s no way I would step into an ice bath for anything (unless it was literally a giant margarita that I got to sit in). One athlete, however, takes recovery to a totally new level.

After a workout, your body needs food to refuel. That’s what I tell myself when I’m scarfing down a grilled cheese, but it is actual legitimate advice. Michael Phelps, 23-time Olympic gold medalist, knows this well. After winning his latest medal at the Olympic Games, Phelps admitted to eating literally a pound of spaghetti as part of his recovery process. That’s right– an entire pound. In case you were wondering, that’s enough spaghetti for at least four people. And apparently the dude doesn’t even really like it that much. He had to force himself to eat it, an idea I find difficult to fathom. Maybe he needs to switch it up a little—try tortellini instead, or some fettuccini. There are options, Michael.

So, as it turns out, carbs are the secret to gold medals—lots and lots of carbs. I’m no Olympic athlete, but I think that’s a trend I can get on board with. Can someone please design a swim-and-spaghetti class I can sign up for, stat? Sounds like a workout I’d actually enjoy paying for.

[via Elite Daily]

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