Meet The Hottest Handbag In Town: The ‘Scrotal Sac’

Stuck on some last minute Christmas shopping? Down to those last few people who are difficult to shop for? Me too. Here’s an idea. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? That’s right — I’m talking about the Scrotal Sac.

The “Scrotal Sac” is a unique bag by London designer Grayson Perry and handmade by Andy Bates. This, ahem, very unique bag took months of very complicated handiwork to construct. Bates said about the process:

Firstly I had to carve a wooden former and then soak hand-dyed, bark-tanned calfskin in water so that it became malleable and could be moulded around the oaken testicles, a technique which is centuries old. Upholstery nails had been driven in so that the details of the “pimples” could be brought out. The two halves of the bag were shaped then hand-stitched together using waxed, linen thread. Finally, a bell, which had been supplied by Grayson himself, was added to the end of the appendage and given a ceremonial and celebratory jingle of completion.

Of course, I’m left with a few questions. Why were pimples a necessary addition to the sack? Are they from herpes or just an unfortunate bout of razor burn? Why, of all the options, did he pick an extremely large jingle bell to adorn the junk? And why, oh why, is the sack THAT big?! I sincerely hope that the Scrotal Sac isn’t anatomically accurate, and if it is, I hope I never meet the inspiration behind it.

Scrotal Sac

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for this to be one of Santa’s stocking stuffers this year, the bag is, as of now, still one of a kind. Bates has received numerous requests to duplicate the bag, but has declined every time. Oh well. There’s always next year.

[via Daily Mail]

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