Meet The Badass Female Pilot Who’s Dropping Bombs On ISIS

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As if they weren’t already pissed enough after watching their terrorist buddies enjoy the instant incineration provided by the Americans and their Arab allies, the fact that at least a few of their shithead friends were terminated by a female pilot is sure to rustle their jihadi jimmies.

Mariam Al Mansouri is an F-16 pilot in the United Arab Emirates’ air force. She is also able to stake her claim to fame as the first female pilot in UAE’s air force, and she was the squadron leader of the Emirati team that removed a few ISIS morons from the Syrian battlefield earlier this week.

From Business Insider:

Al Mansouri joined the UAE air force in 2007 when military officials announced they would accept female recruits for training at the Khalifa bin Zayed Air College.

In her earlier years of service she worked for general command and was quickly recognized as a hardworking, detail-oriented pilot.

Instead of competing with her male counterparts, Al Mansouri told Deraa Al Watan magazine that she focused on competing with herself to improve her skills,” reports The National.

After all the hell these backward asswads have put middle eastern women through over the past several months, to have an Arab woman raining death upon these barbaric loons is a huge accomplishment.

Keep knocking these idiots off the planet, Mariam. We could use a few more of you.

[via Business Insider]
Image via Business Insider

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