Mean Girls Jewelry Hits The Market

How many times can you quote Mean Girls in a day before it gets old? The limit does not exist. Conversely, the limit on the number of Mean Girls accessories you can wear at one time is a hard zero. As Jezebel reported, Stella and Bow, jewelers in LA, have decided to create Mean Girls inspired jewelry with some of the movie’s most beloved quotes engraved into bracelets. This is on par with “Best” “Friends” broken heart necklaces after the age of 10.

that's so fetch

Some of the statement bangles are cute, but the rose gold “Wednesday” (because on Wednesdays, we wear rose gold…), gold “You Can’t Sit With Us,” and silver “That’s So Fetch!”? I have a problem with this. It was cute to wear Little Mermaid pajamas as a child, but my mother never bought me Cinderella sneakers to wear in public, because yikes. I won’t say those are the ugliest effing bracelets I’ve ever seen, but I won’t be first in line to preorder either.

[via Jezebel]

Image via Vulture


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