Mary-Kate And Ashley Designed A Wedding Dress And It Is Like Nothing You’d Ever Imagine

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Mary-Kate and Ashley. Entrepreneurs. Straight to VHS movie stars. Cowgirls. Witches. Brother salesmen extraordinaire. Witness Protection Program participants. Two super duper sleuthers. People of interest in the death of Heath Ledger (well, one of them was). And now…wedding dress designers.

Move the eff over, Vera Wang, because these two betches can fix any hemline by dinnertime.

The dynamic duo of “you got it, dude” created a FABULOUS lace gown for their long-time close friend Molly Fishkin, who grew up with the girls. Fishkin was recently married to producer and director Asher Levin in what was described as a gorgeous ceremony, according to Vogue. The magazine even did a beautiful piece on the wedding, centering on Mary-Kate and Ashley’s dress. I guess the twins didn’t invite younger sister Elizabeth Olsen to help design the dress, but she’s too busy being a FUCKING MOVIE STAR anyway. Seriously, that girl is FLAWLESS.

And so is this dress, my GOD. It’s a magical combination of a classic, old world, old school wedding dress with some modern flair. It’s a bit reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s dress, but with Pippa’s ass. Meeeow.

Check out the slideshow of pictures here, including the twins dressing up Molly for her wedding. It’s literally everything you ever dreamed of as a child, only this girl is LIVING IT. Living for her. Dying. Dead.

Those Olsen twins can do no wrong. Except for “The Challenge,” because that movie suuuucked. “Holiday in the Sun” it was not.

[via Who What Wear]

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