Marijuana Is Officially Legal In Alaska

Weed Legalized Alaska

It’s official. Alaska is cooler than 47 other states. As of today, citizens who are 21 and older can legally spark up.

Residents can now possess up to an ounce of pot, grow up to six plants, legally consume the goods in their homes, and listen to as much Pink Floyd on repeat as their stoned minds desire. Unfortunately, you can’t buy or sell the stuff, and if you light up in a public place, you can face a $100 fine. That being said, it’s still more than most of America has. Sigh. Who would have thought we would ever be jealous of Alaska? I mean, no offense, but do they even get internet up there? The one time I visited the place, all I remember is watching little children bash in the heads of fish with bats. I kid you not — big, wooden bats. And this was way before weed was legal, so I was (basically) totally sober. Still, we’re kind of happy for you and we kind of hate you, Alaska.

Naturally, people from around the country have taken to Twitter to congratulate (and hate on) the first majority-Republican state to be about that high life.

And then there was this guy:

Despite some of the haters, most people seem pretty effing pleased about this whole thing. A good majority of Americans feel that we are well on our way to a fully legal country. Alaska joins two other “what the hell do we do here” places as the third state in the U.S. that allows its citizens to enjoy the higher things in life. In Washington (the state, not the “House of Cards” place) and Colorado, you can also legally use pot recreationally. On one hand, it makes sense. What else are they going to do in these “naturey” locations? On the other hand, however, it’s annoying. Like, Alaska? It’s like watching your uglier, lamer friend get engaged before you. Cool, great, we’re happy for you — but when the hell will it be our turn? Whatever. Good for you, Alaska.

I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to celebrate Alaska’s legalization of marijuana by illegally using marijuana. And for that, I say God bless, and pass all of the food. #Munchies

[via USA Today]

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