Man Wears Yoga Pants, Men Still Stare At His Ass

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If you’re a girl and you wear yoga pants, you have undoubtedly been caught in a situation where you received a shamelessly noticeable stare from an attentive man, possibly accompanied with a perverted compliment such as, “Lookin’ good, girl.” You might want to shoot him a quick death glare and give him a piece of your mind, but at this point, you’re so used to this sort of attention that you just move on without acknowledging his lame catcall. But how do you think a guy would deal with this creepy, unwarranted attention?

Youtube prankster Yousef Erakat decidedly spent a day in the life of a common white girl, and dressed in a pair of skintight  leggings to experience what we girls go through on a daily basis.

Yousef explains in the video that a female friend of his was complaining to him about how guys constantly stare at her ass when she wears yoga pants. We definitely feel you there, girlfriend. After deciding that he wanted to find out exactly how bad it is, he slipped into a pair of Lycra leggings and set up shop bent over a car trunk in a busy parking lot. Guys passing the car noticeably gawk at his admittedly nice ass, and become flustered when he pulls his head out of the car to reveal that he is, in fact, a man.

The video provokes a few questions. First off, do men honestly not recognize the difference between a male and female ass? And furthermore, do yoga pants seriously make anyone’s ass look good enough to check out? I, for one, choose to believe that Yousef employs a strict squat regime. This way, I can pretend that guys aren’t stupid enough to gawk at anything provocatively bent over and wearing something tight.

I’d just like to offer kudos to the guy who confessed that Yousef has a nice ass (because, admit it, he does). Yousef may confront the ogling culprits, but can you imagine if we girls threw a similar bitch fit every time a guy stared? Maybe we secretly crave this male attention or maybe we’re just used to it. But one thing is for sure: after watching the video, we can most definitely conclude that leggings are #stillpants.

[via Shock Mansion]

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