Man Sneaks His Way Into UGA Sorority Houses By Asking For Tours

Phi Mu

If you follow even one single 20-something on Twitter, you’ll notice a trend. Every single one of them wants to know where all the good men are. For a long time, I’ve had a theory that if you bitch about being single for long enough, you can actually complain a boyfriend into existence. This is why we never, ever stop complaining.

As it turns out, my theory couldn’t be more accurate. Recently spotted at the University of Georgia was a guy named Crawford (frat). Ol’ Crawford has a nice smile, “big bluish green eyes, and dirty blonde hair.” According to one student, “He looked just like a guy you would see on campus. He looked like he could be a student.” But people assume he’s not a student, because he came from nowhere and is now missing, disappearing as quickly as he turned up. Not to mention, this mystery man exhibited some peculiar behavior.

Crawford had been walking around UGA’s campus, asking sorority girls for tours of their houses. Most sorority girls told the man that they were unable to give him a tour of their house at the time. One Phi Mu didn’t. She let him into the house, showed him the common area (but not any of the bedrooms) and sent him on his way–but not before asking him why he was interested in her home. And why was he interested in her homes.?

“It’s all part of my game.”

And what a game it is! #swoon For some reason or another, though, this freaked some girls out. It’s like, you can’t wish for a boyfriend to come knocking on your door and then get mad when a boyfriend comes knocking on your door. After all, he was described as “very normal-looking.” What more could you want in a guy?

After a brief search, Athens-Clarke County police found that the man was not doing anything wrong. Girls don’t know when to take a compliment.

[via The Red & Black]

Image via UGA Panhel

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