Man Secretly Plans Dream Wedding for Fiance Using Her Pinterest Wedding Board

Admit it, ladies. We all have them. Whether public or secret, we’re all guilty of the Pinterest wedding board. In fact, I recently decided to divide my wedding board into ten different categories – the ring, the dress, the engagement photos, etc. – to further organize what I’m sure is going to be the best day of my life. I may not have a groom in mind, but that’s really just a minor detail. As it turns out, my dream Pinterest wedding boards may actually come in handy one day – at least they did for bride Amanda Leak.

Ryan Leak knew that it was his girlfriend Amanda’s dream to get married on the same day that she was proposed to. Not planning your own wedding seems like a daunting, nightmarish task, but since Amanda had over 220 wedding pins, Ryan’s job of putting together Amanda’s dream wedding was a piece of cake.

Ryan spent over a year scouring Amanda’s Pinterest board and arranging this dream day without Amanda having any idea. Over 100 guests were in attendance, and Ryan says a total of 1000 people – including friends, family, and vendors – knew about the surprise wedding without spilling a word to Amanda. The fact that THAT many women banded together to keep a secret that big for over a year should be worthy in and of itself of making national news.

Ryan proposed five years to the day of when he and Amanda started dating. When Amanda said yes, Ryan led her into a room where friends and family were holding up a banner reading, “Today?” to let Amanda in on the big surprise. She was thrilled, and the day went off without a hitch. I think it’s safe to say that after this, men everywhere have some serious stepping up to do. Ladies, don’t ever let anyone tell you that having one (or ten) Pinterest wedding board(s) before you get engaged is crazy – it just might be the reason you have the best day of your life.

[via Daily Mail]


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