Man Proposes Using 8,000 Post-it Notes

And his girlfriend said no. Kidding, but wouldn’t that have been funny?

Anyway, Brett Butler of Littleton, CO, proposed to his fiance Megan Loosli by plastering her apartment with 8,000 Post-it notes that spelled out “Will You Marry Me.” As if wall papering an apartment with office supplied weren’t arduous enough, Butler wrote, “I Love You” on each individual post-it note by hand.

Man Proposes Using 8,000 Post-it Notes

The couple, planning to wed in August, had already picked out the engagement ring, so Megan knew the big question was coming. She said she was completely surprised, however, when she walked into her apartment after work and found her new decor. She told Good Morning America, “He gave me this story that it takes a couple of weeks to actually get [the engagement ring they had previously picked out] so I was thinking July.”

I, for one, would have been completely surprised and ecstatic…until I realized I was going to have to take 8,000 fucking Post-it notes off of my walls, which took three people seven hours to put up in the first place.

You all may think this is original, but I know I can’t be the only person who remembers the Sharpie commercial that probably inspired this:

Alright, so Brett did cover the entire room in Post-it’s BUT, the guy in the commercial personalized every Post-it with important moments in the relationship as opposed to a mere “I love you.”

Man Proposes Using 8,000 Post-it Notes

I’ve imagined a million dream proposal scenarios, and none of them involve common office products. Actually, all of them involve a private beach and Adam Levine, soooooo…maybe I’m just bitter, single and destined to die alone. Congratulations to the happy couple, though. Or whatever.

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