Man Loses $500,000 Gambling, Sues Casino

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A ballsy businessman is suing for his blacked out, drunken actions. Mark Johnston, a 52-year-old gambler from southern California, has filed a lawsuit against the Las Vegas casino where he lost $500,000 during Super Bowl weekend. How is this allowed? Well, Nevada law prohibits casinos from allowing obviously drunk patrons to gamble away their life savings.

This is a good idea in theory, since casinos could make a pretty penny on a drunken fool’s gambling. But where do we decide to draw the line between kicking back with a few mojitos and being a blacked out mess? It’s a blurry line.

The man behind this lawsuit is quite shady though, having made his fortune in seedy car dealership and real estate ventures. During Super Bowl weekend, he rode into town with “the woman he was dating.” Pause–did she dump him after he lost the money? Did he end things while he was apparently blacked out? Anyway, they drank at the airport, in the limo, and during dinner.

During the ordeal at the casino, he was served “dozens” of drinks. Then he proceeded to gamble away half a million dollars until he passed out. The next day he woke up with a slightly smaller bank account and filed suit.

If the ability to sue some party for your blacked out actions existed, think of the possibilities. People would sue bars for the regretful actions that usually happen after last call. They would sue for the weight they gain from blacked out eating. I would sue for blacked out online shopping, as well as for the emotional damage that occurs after drunk texting.

Hopefully this never seeps out of Nevada state lines, and Mark Johnston learns his lesson the hard–and poor–way.

[via Yahoo!]

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