Malia Obama Busted Playing Beer Pong During Brown University Visit

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First Daughters — they’re just like us!

High school senior Malia Obama recently went on her second college visit to Brown University, where she had a well rounded tour of the campus. She ate in the dining halls, sat in on lectures, and checked out the party scene. All very important factors in making such an important decision. Obviously, the President’s daughter can’t just show up to a college rager without people rightfully freaking out and taking pictures.

BREAKING: Malia Obama acting like a normal teenager. The horror! The teen stayed with a friend in the dorms during her stay and apparently pulled a “My Date With The President’s Daughter” and ditched the Secret Service. Nice one, Malia. Even though she evaded her team of Secret Service, she still couldn’t escape being seen thanks to social media.

Honestly, Malia is cool as fuck. She’s just a cool girl. She’s not pouring shots down her throat, she’s not falling all over the place being a drunk mess like the Bush twins circa 2005, she’s just chilling at a college party. Responsibly. Like a President’s daughter should.

I bet Mr. President isn’t even mad about this situation. He’s probably just glad she isn’t smoking weed like he was when he was her age. I can’t image President Obama, or Michelle for that matter, yelling at their daughter for being a responsible partygoer. They’re probably up in the White House right now playing a game of a water pong together as a family, teaching Malia the trick to shooting with her left hand.

Party on, girl.

[via Daily Caller]

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