Make Your Cheap, Shitty Wine Taste Better With This Easy Hack


Until I can score a rich husband who can afford me and my expensive habits (read: never), when it comes to alcohol, I have to go for quantity, not quality. A $25 bottle of wine will get me drunk, but so will a $25 box, so it’s safe to say that I’ve basically even forgotten what Barefoot tastes like at this point. However, thanks to an awesome video released from the American Chemical Society, I now know how to make my shitty wine taste better than Yellowtail – just throw a penny in your glass of wine, and you’re good to go.

If you’ve left your cheap bottle (or box) of wine open for around a day or so, you’ll notice that it gets a bit of a stinky smell and the taste is off. The bad smell you get from old wine is due to the reduction process, which produces thiols, or sulfur molecules – AKA the source of that weird smell. This penny hack completely takes care of that thanks to science. The copper in the penny reacts with the thiols in your wine, replacing the bad smell with the odorless compound copper sulfide, which is completely safe to drink.

Watch this video, start digging through your couch cushions, and rejoice – finally, the spare change from the bottom of your purse will actually be good for something.

Bottoms up!

[via Washington Post]

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