Luke Pell Starts Seeing One Of Nick Viall’s Ex’s Because He Was Supposed To Date Her On The Bachelor Anyway

Luke Pell Starts Seeing One Of Nick Viall's Ex's Because He Was Supposed To Date Her On The Bachelor Anyway

There’s only one word that comes to mind when you think about the whole Bachelor debacle between Nick Viall and Luke Pell. Awkward. But in an unexpected (except very expected), MOST SHOCKING TWIST IN BACHELOR NATION EVER (Chris Harrison voice), Luke Pell is seeing (kind of) a loser of Nick’s season, Danielle Lombard.

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Well, “dating” is a loose term, seeing as they haven’t even gone out on a date yet, but the two are interested in each other, says Luke. She is beautiful and has amazing boobs. So I get it.

“She’s a great girl, but we haven’t gotten to know each other yet. We haven’t even had a real, proper date or anything yet.”

Although the two have hung out a couple of times and have a “connection,” Luke considers himself to be single.

“Oh, well, we were supposed to meet on the show but now we’re meeting in person. How do you react to that, because you don’t pursue it the same as you would on the show?”

Seems like Luke is still a little salty at ABC over the whole last second change in Bachelors. I can imagine Luke has been watching this whole season, scoping the girls out and picking the ones he wants to make his move on when Nick doesn’t pick anyone and tries to fall in love with his “Dancing With The Stars” coach.

The only thing I’m really concerned about, if Luke and Danielle get serious, that means no Luke on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Luke would be stupid to fall in love now, we need him back on our TV screens.

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