Little Girl Hilariously Details Her “First Period” Experience In The Most Amazing Ad Campaign Ever

Ah, your first period. You remember it like it was yesterday, though it was, in reality, thirteen years ago. You came home from school to find that your Hanes butterfly panties were stained — something that, in all your wisdom, you couldn’t prevent from happening until you were on birth control six years later — and you wondered if your mom could possibly divert her attention from her phone conversation long enough to pick up on the smoke signals you’d been mentally trying to send her so she could come help you.

You knew this was bound to happen. Your little niplets had been sore for three years at that point, and they’d finally grown enough for the boys to tease, “I’ve got mosquito bites bigger than your titties.” Oh, if they could see you now. The official first sight of menstruation was the inevitable next step. Amanda had gotten her first period just a month ago, making you the second one in your class.

Up until that fateful afternoon, after your girl scout meeting, but before Lizzie McGuire aired for the day, you’d waited with baited breath for this day to come. Little did you know that it would become the bane of your existence, and certainly of your sex life, for the next ever, but in that moment, it was magical. You were now a part of an elite squad of period-getters. You were a woman now. And it was everything.

A new feminine product company, Hello Flo, plays on this memory in their hilarious new ad campaign, featuring a little girl, the first at camp to get her period, making her the power hungry “camp gyno.” She supplies all of her bunkmates with materials for all of their period needs. That is, until they discover Hello Flo, an online based company that sends you the “right amount” of feminine products in a discreet-looking box during your time of the month. You can sign up, denoting your, ahem, level of flow, and synch it up with your cycle, so that tampons, panty-liners, pads (if you’re a cavewoman), and CANDY — yes, candy — are sent directly to your home or office monthly.

Watch Hello Flo’s hilariously amazing initial advertisement below.

[via Hello Flo]

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