Listen To Sad Songs If You Want To Feel Better

Everything Makes Me Cry

It is usually looked down on to scream sing along to Sam Smith/Adele/Taylor Swift whenever you feel like the entire world is against you. We made a hobby of listening to angsty music when All Time Low and Boys Like Girls were at their peak, but we ended up growing out of it. However, a recent study shows that we should revisit our emo phase.

Musicology researchers at Durham University, UK and the University of Jyväskylä, Finland created a study that would find the effects of sad music on a person’s mood. They had their participants listen to sad songs, and afterwards, they were asked how they felt in comparison to before they started listening to the sad music. It turns out, people felt better after the sad music.

We have to take this information with a grain of salt. The participants didn’t have to be in a particularly bad mood to be eligible. It could be that they just appreciated the good music, or the songs brought them back to a time that they felt fondly about. A lot of them reported that when they are upset, they don’t want to listen to anything that would make them more upset. But in my own experience, sometimes that you need to sing to the world that you are hurt while you watch yourself cry in the mirror.

So next time you get the chance, no matter what mood you’re in, try turning down. Way down. Go on Spotify and follow the most emotional girl you can think of. The one who cries at literally anything. She should have a few dejected jams you could choose from. Happy listening.

[via Hello Giggles]

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