Lisa Frank Gives An Exclusive Interview to Urban Outfitters to Accompany the Release of Her Vintage Line

Lisa Frank has re-emerged from her secret headquarters (is it really a secret? unsure) in Tuscon, Arizona and has begun selling her original products from the 80s and 90s as vintage via Urban Outfitters. I’m not sure if I’m more upset that something I owned the first time around is now considered vintage or thrilled that Lisa Frank is making a comeback. Everything is being sold in mint condition and is extremely limited edition, which obviously means I want it more. (Smart cookie, that Lisa Frank, eh?) Products range everywhere from stickers (and sticker books duhhh!), to erasers, to notebooks, folders (the coolest), and even a photo album. Some people are arguing that prices are a little steep and they are in luck; if you tweet your best Lisa Frank-inspired doodle using the hashtag #UOxLisaFrank you are eligible to “win a vintage prize pack plus an autographed item from the legend herself.” That’s pretty cool, actually. I don’t think the prices are too outrageous though, ranging from $6 for a portfolio folder (need), $10 for a set of six erasers (ok, that seems a little inflated but whatever), to $79 for a Casey Cookie jar…that’s just stupid because like…who even had that the first time anyway? Tack-central and my mom would have never allowed it in her kitchen. Whatever, Lisa.

Anyway, Lisa Frank gave an exclusive interview to Urban Outfitters to accompany the release of her vintage line. She chose to remain anonymous and not show her face on camera. She’s like the real live Willy Wonka: bringing joy to children everywhere but only from behind the closed doors of her factory, never showing her face to the millions who adore her products. Kind of cool maybe, but I’m thinking mostly creepy. In fact, through her strange obsession with rainbows and colors, present below, she actually shows little hints of never-grew-up-ness-and-sort-of-in-a-weird-way just like Wonka does. I hope there is a Golden Rainbow Ticket that comes in my Urban Outfitters delivery when I order online so I can tour her factory. Anyway, watch the video because Mila Kunis was in an LF commercial as a kid, and also, it’s just awesome.



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Veronica Ruckh

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