Lindsey Lohan Might Be Our Next President, So Maybe It’s Time We Start Caring About Politics


Lindsay Lohan just dropped a bomb on Instagram, and no, it’s not another Photoshop fail. She’s running for President. Maybe.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but becoming President isn’t something you “maybe” decide to do. It takes years of calculated planning, waiting, and plotting. This is politics, after all. And oh yeah, maybe some actual legislative experience? And/or military experience? But no, Lindsay Lohan thinks becoming President could be her next big comeback.

Kanye West running for President is one thing, but Linsday Lohan is quite another. She’s on more mood stabilizers than Britney Spears — I really don’t think she’s allowed to operate heavy machinery, much less run an entire country, on those meds.

Lohan may or may not be running for President, but she already knows what she wants to accomplish when she moves into the White House.

Soooooo who wants to tell Lindsay Lohan that being President of arguably the most powerful country in the world and being Ghandi isn’t the same thing? Not me. It would be like telling a child Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

God forbid she does actually run, I hope everyone uses their right to vote wisely.

[via Instagram]

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Cristina Montemayor

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