Lindsay Lohan Might Have OD’d (UPDATE)

Not to get all TMZ-ey on you today but any story involving the star of a movie incessently quoted by sorority girls probably deserves this esteemed news outlet’s coverage.

Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious in her Ritz-Carlton penthouse in Marina del Rey, California. Paramedics were called at 10:15am Pacific time and immediately rushed her to the hospital. That is all that has been reported so far.


I care so little about this story that I’m just going to let TMZ take it from here:

We have more specifics. We’re told Lindsay wasn’t feeling well after complaining of exhaustion, she called someone from the “Liz and Dick” production team early this morning, and the team sent a private doctor to check on her. Before arriving, the doctor called the hotel and asked someone to check on Lindsay. Someone from the hotel went to her door, “checked on her” and determined she was “unresponsive.” The hotel then called 911.

Lindsay’s rep says it was someone from the production team who called 911.

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