Lindsay Lohan Is Maybe Converting To Islam, Because The World Is Just Full Of Surprises

Lindsay Lohan Head Scarf

Lindsay Lohan has been lowkey obsessed with Islam and the Middle East lately, which given the general image that pops into your head when you say “Lindsay Lohan,” is something sort of comical. But ever since someone gave her head scarf to wear several months ago, she’s been all about the charitable work and pretty much submersing herself into their culture.

She got so involved that she even developed a Turkish accent, somehow.

Now, homegirl has deleted all of her social media posts (not the accounts! Just the posts! Can’t imagine how long that took an intern to do!), and has changed her Twitter bio to say “Alaikum Salam.” I did some digging (re: texted my Arabic friends, because who needs Google when you’re connected), and learned that it’s a response roughly translating to “you too” when someone greets you “Assalmu Alikum” which means “peace be upon you.”

This, coming around the same time as she’s reportedly moving to Dubai has rumors flowing that Lindsay is converting to Islam. Which is just really fantastic. What former party girl doesn’t find salvation in Allah?

Some gossip columns claim Dina Lohan denies the rumors, but Muslims of the world are already tweeting their congratulations at the star.

Personally, I’m thrilled about the news. And I can only pray we get a Mean Girls: Abu Dhabi out of it.

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Veronica Ruckh

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