Lindsay Lohan Arrested in NYC

Damn it, LiLo.

I guess this just proves that regardless of how many made-for-TV movies she stars in, this girl is just not going to get her shit together. At 4:00 this morning, La Lohan was arrested for slapping another female at Club Avenue in Chelsea. It’s unclear what Lindsay was doing in NYC instead of trolling her natural habitat of LA, but it looks as if she just needed another environment in which to get wasted and cause a scene. LA is so tired, after all. No reports have been released that indicate what the attacked did to deserve her attacking, but I’m pretty certain she loudly announced that she’d voted for Regina George as Spring Fling Queen.

Lohan was booked at a Manhattan precinct immediately following the incident, and wasn’t released until 7:00am. Sources claim she was “visibly tired.” Yeah, no shit. Of course she was tired. It was 7:00am and she’d been up partying all night. I need new sources.

Anyway, the incident resulted in third-degree assault charges and Cady Herron will have to appear in Mr. Duval’s office Lindsay will have to appear in front of a judge within the next few weeks. Instead of touring to promote new movies, Lohan’s life will continue on much as it has the past few years, touring various US cities to appear in various courtrooms. She’s already gotten started, as she also has to appear in front of a judge in California for her Pacific Coast Highway accident. I’m guessing she’ll be back behind bars by February.

I think it’s safe to say whatever glimmer of hope she had at salvation is now gone. There’s no way she has a chance at “reviving” her career now, especially since she can’t stay off the radar of the law, even during the week her movie is being reviewed.



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