Are Margot Robbie And Emma Watson Making A Lesbian Version Of “Brokeback Mountain”?


The internet exploded earlier today over news that noted hot girl Margot Robbie and noted nice girl Emma Watson were making a lesbian “Brokeback Mountain” remake. Men all around the world suddenly excused themselves from whatever responsibilities they had to do today and go “ponder” this fantasy idea alone in the bathroom, women suddenly felt more inferior than usual, and of course, Twitter went crazy.


Unfortunately, the news turned out to be false. It was first reported by the Portly Gazelle, which people soon discovered was a satirical website. They really sold it to us, though:

Emma Watson had this to say:

“I am honoured and blessed to get the opportunity to play a character very different from myself. I think taking on personas with completely different experiences than yourself is what acting is at its core. From what I’ve seen, the script and the other people involved with this, I think we’re going to make a marvellous film.”

Margot Robbie was equally exhilarated

“As an Australian actor, this obviously means a lot to me. I hope to do the Heath Ledgers’ role justice.”

When asked what they were expecting from some of the more raunchy girl-on-girl scenes that are inevitable, they didn’t seem to have any qualms.

“Us both being straight won’t be a problem, we’re actors, it’s just something we have to do“.

Even girls like me who only kiss other girls for male attention at bars were excited for this movie. I’m not a lesbian, but I would definitely pay $10 to watch Margot Robbie and Emma Watson make out.

It’s just another example of the age old saying “you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially if it’s from a satirical website.”

[via The Portly Gazelle]

Images via Ovidiu Hrubaru /, Tinseltown /

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