LeBron James Apologizes To His Neighbors Like A True Sorority Girl


Cleveland, you lucky sons of bitches, you got LeBron back. Congratulations. You dragged him away from the gorgeous city of Miami where he got to play with a Velociraptor named Chris and ride his bike everywhere. Then you brought him back to the cold tundra of Cleveland, which, frankly, will get a lot hotter now that LeBron is going to join football hottie/poster boy for wrapping your tool Johnny Manziel. I’ve got a little “Hot in Cleveland” going on in my pants just thinking about it.

Apparently, LeBron’s return has made some noise in his neighborhood, which is in the Cleveland suburb of Bath Township. They’ve had to deal with lots of rowdy reporters, noise, and traffic, but honestly, that’s to be expected when a king returns home. But this isn’t “taking my talents to South Beach” LeBron–this is a kinder, gentler LeBron. In order to apologize to his neighbors, he sent them an apology in the way any good sorority girl would: baked goods.


According to a Reddit user, LeBron and his family sent cupcakes to their neighbors as an apology, and they look pretty delicious. The note included with the cupcakes said:

We know things have been hectic in the neighborhood these past few weeks, and we are sorry for the chaos. We are so thankful to live in this community and we are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you. Our family wants to give you something that is very meaningful to us, our foundation’s cupcakes.

This is like a Pinterest post come to life. I could honestly cry with joy if my tear ducts hadn’t atrophied from disuse.

The box contained six “Just a Kid From Akron Cherry Cola” and six “Homecourt Chocolate Chunk” cupcakes.

How do I go about getting LeBron cupcakes? I’m actually more impressed he managed to find a place that still has cupcakes now, what with the closing of Crumbs, which called for pundits to predict “the death of the cupcake.” So melodramatic.

Not to be outdone, rumor has it that money-hungry New York Knick Carmelo Anthony tied candy bars to fishing line and pulled them away as children tried to grab at them. That ‘Melo. What a character.

[via Daily Dot]

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