Lea Michele Just Did Something To Honor Cory Monteith, 10/10 Will Ugly Cry

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“Glee” was always more than a campy high school melodrama to me. To this day, I have both a “Glee” playlist and a specific Rachel Berry playlist on my Spotify that I listen to religiously. Brittany and Santana were a revelation for any girl who’s ever kissed a girl and liked it, Kurt and Blaine’s first kiss brought me literally to my knees, and the slow but epic development of Rachel and Finn’s relationship was one of the show’s sweetest and bravest points, IMO. Nothing about it was typical, even though it might have started in the semi-cliché “geeky perfectionist longs for star quarterback” way.

But Rachel Berry was no ordinary geek, and Finn Hudson was no ordinary quarterback. From that awkward but so, so genuine first kiss, to Finn sending Rachel to New York and all the epic duets in between, the two grew into a couple that was intensely devoted, and flawed and imperfect like any real relationship is. When the news came out that the two were dating in real life, it only confirmed their onscreen chemistry. The day the news was revealed that Cory Monteith had tragically passed away, my heart broke with Lea’s. (If you haven’t seen her version of Make You Feel My Love, from “The Quarterback” episode, grab some tissues and get ready to feel crushed.)

When “Glee” ended last year, Lea Michele took home one of the jerseys Cory had worn on the show. And today, she remembered him in another hugely personal way. A post on Lea Michele’s Instagram revealed a tiny “5” tattoo, the number of the jersey Finn wore on “Glee.”

And one more.. for my Quarterback.. #5 ❤️

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It’s another tribute to the character and the person that she loved, and it was done in a heartbreakingly sweet and simple way. Well done, Lea. I think it goes without saying that your quarterback would’ve loved it.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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