Lady Gaga Tattoos Her Head at Perfume Launch

I know we’ve speculated this since her first single hit the airwaves, but there is absolutely no denying that Lady Gaga has absolutely and irrevocably gone off the deep end of sanity and will not be returning at any point ever.

Gaga, who recently shaved her head in front of a concert crowd, arrived at the New York City launch party for her new perfume last night and, after completely ignoring throes of fans whom she claims to “adore” and “live for,” headed straight to the middle of the party, where she sat in a giant perfume bottle and got a tattoo on her head. She got a tattoo. On her shaved head. In front of everyone.

While I’ve never been a huge Gaga fan, this just solidifies my position that she is the weirdest and worst pop star alive. I don’t care what anyone says about her being an “artist”…she’s weird. First of all, why in the hell would you ever shave your head (unless you’re Britney, and then it’s like…fine), and then PUT A TATTOO ON IT!? Second of all, she was at a launch party for her new perfume…I just don’t understand the correlation. Also, I’d like to throw it out there…according to Lady Crazy herself, the perfume smells like, “an expensive hooker [because] blood and semen are in the perfume.”

Alright then. I’m officially terrified to leave my house when people like her exist.


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