Ladies: We’ve Got Time, Millenials Are Marrying Later in Life

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According to recent U.S. census records, our generation is waiting longer to tie the knot. The median ages for men and women to get married are 29 and 27, respectively. Compare that to the 1950s, when the median ages were 23 for men and 20 for women.

So why the change? The National Bureau of Economic Development has been working on answering that question. The bureau seems to believe this change is a result of couples living together before marriage, an increase in education, a more societal acceptance of being single at an older age, and a decrease in shotgun weddings (thanks, Plan B!). My answer, at my age, is that I can barely make a decision on what I want for lunch. How can someone expect me to choose a life partner right now?

Also from the report, only 26 percent of our generation is married–which, based off of my Facebook’s news feed, seems like a low number. Maybe it’s where I’m from, maybe I’m just friends with a lot of couples, or maybe it’s self awareness of how painfully single I am. I don’t know. But I do know I see a new marriage or engagement post every time I open Facebook. Woof.

On another note, “societal acceptance” my ass. I’d rather play in traffic than go to one more family event where every relative I have asks me when I plan on “settling down.” I guess “society” just doesn’t count my family.

Personally, I’d LOVE to see a study of how many Facebook users are married, because I feel like it is probably around 40 percent. Or maybe there’s just an unwritten vow somewhere in the ceremony where you promise to post every selfie from every event you and your significant other go to on every social media outlet.

“Pumpkin picking with the hubby!!!”

“St. Paddy’s day with the babe!! Xoxoxoxo”

“Filing taxes with my one and only. Love you baby forever and ever”


Well, at least I know my super singleness is normal for my age. So to all my single ladies out there, you’re not alone. We make up about 74 percent of the millennial generation, so let’s enjoy it and shove it in all the boring couples’ faces. Who wins now?

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Hakuna Moscato

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