L.C. Is Engaged

Lauren Conrad, the girl who didn’t go to Paris, finally found love. Not only does L.C. have perfect hair, she now has the perfect almost-husband. Her future hubby, William Tell, used to be a rock star in the incredible band Something Corporate, and now he is a lawyer. He’s basically my dream man, and I will never forgive her for stealing him away. She should’ve just stayed in Paris and let me have him. Plus, everyone knows that she’s destined for Brody Jenner.

L.C.’s upcoming nuptials are proof that dreams do come true. If Lauren Conrad can get tie the knot after a beyond turbulent history of dating winning situations like Ste-phen, it means that we can overcome the busted boys we blacked out with. One day we’ll find someone way better than Ste-phen – and one day we’ll be paid to be pretty and popular, just like her.

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While The Hills was never really real, I like to think that Lauren always was. After all, even after getting her heart broken a time or two hundred, she still gave it her best shot with William Tell, and now they’re young and in love. Lauren was a realist who bordered on beyond cynical, but she still dreamt about her happy ending. She was the ultimate sorority girl icon, and she finally found someone to plan her perfect Pinterest wedding with.

The cute couple began dating on V-Day in 2012, which is proof that even if you’re single on doomsday, you could still potentially meet the love of your life. They recently started shacking up at her LA apartment, so it’s nice to hear that he’s making it offish. Her rock is simple and stylish, and she can always make it look bigger with the perfect Instagram filter. My greatest dream is that Heidi and Lauren will reunite for the wedding, because I think she’d make the perfect maid of honor. I can only hope that Cavallari and the Cutlet will make an appearance, too. After all, who doesn’t want to be upstaged on their wedding day?

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[via Hollywood Life]

Image via Lauren Conrad


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