Kylie’s Making Out With PARTYNEXTDOOR In His New Music Video

Kylie Jenner In PARTYNEXTDOOR's Music Video

Kylie Jenner clearly has a type: rappers with terrible names. After splitting with Tyga, she has been rumored to be dating PARTYNEXTDOOR, but nothing seemed conclusive. Yesterday, however, PND (I can’t bring myself to write out his full name) released the music video for his single Come And See Me, which as painful as it is to admit, is a seriously good slow jam.

We open on Kylie holding a precious wiener dog and placing a call that can not be connected, presumably to PND, who is out with his boys. Classic guy move. The thing is, when Kylie calls him, it’s morning out. Why is he out at 7 AM? Someone needs to check him for degenerative gambling.

Cut to a rainy night. Quick cameo of Jhene Aiko and Big Sean for no reason. Kylie is creeping on PND’s snapchat to see what he is up to. Celebrities are just like us! She gets ready to go meet him, but not before she puts on her Kylie lip kit, which just happens to be laying right next to the box. How ironic. Then, like a scene out of The Notebook, PND shows up to Kylie’s house and they totally kiss in the rain. They’re getting wet, we’re getting wet watching, fade to black.

This isn’t the first time a music video announced Kylie’s relationship. So what does this mean for the potential Mrs. NEXTDOOR? Stay tuned.

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