Kylie Jenner’s Boobs Looked AWFUL This Weekend

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When it comes to contouring, the Kardashians have inspired a craze that makes us all realize exactly how bad we are at applying makeup. It’s amazing how they’re able to completely transform their bone structure with just a touch of bronzer, and I’m jealous. Last time I tried to contour, I ended up looking like I fell face first into a pile of dog shit.

However, even multimillionaires can’t avoid the occasional makeup mishap. Kylie Jenner was promoting a British Skincare brand on a London red carpet this past weekend, when people started to notice that her cleavage looked a little off. The 17-year-old hadn’t blended her makeup correctly, and ended up sporting what looked like a terrible tan line.

To be totally honest, this annoys me. I’m not irritated with her makeup malfunction, because I realize that she’s a human being and mistakes happen. I’m irritated that a 17-year-old felt the need to use makeup to make her boobs look bigger. It’s bad enough that she repeatedly gives herself Angelina Jolie lips by breaking the the most basic rule of lipstick and going outside the lines, but now she’s actually enhancing her boobs with makeup? It’s sad to see a naturally pretty girl devote her life to an endless line of makeup and trends, all to fit Hollywood standards that just aren’t realistic.

Listen up, Kylie. I realize you are a huge star and a lot of people are watching you, but you are also a teenager. Guess what? IT’S OKAY TO HAVE SMALL BOOBS. It’s also okay to have normal sized lips and occasionally look like complete shit. We won’t judge you for looking like a normal human being. Do yourself a favor and fire your makeup artist, because you are officially invited to join the rest of us lowly peasants in the itty bitty titty committee.

[via Us Magazine]

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