Kylie Jenner Stars In Tyga’s New Music Video While He Raps About Having Underage Sex With Her

Kylie Jenner Stars In Tyga's New Music Video While He Raps About Having Underage Sex With Her

For those of you who are not hip-hop fans, or at the very least, not fans of C-list rapper Tyga, let me get you caught up to speed. Last week, lyrics for Tyga’s new song “Stimulated” leaked. When the lyrics were released, it has obviously been widely speculated to be about the youngest and trashiest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. As with everything the Kardashians do, they would not confirm or deny if it was about Kylie.

Fast-forward to today, and Tyga’s video for “Stimulated” is now available on YouTube. The video features a slowly revealed leading lady, who is none other than Kylie Jenner, strutting around in all her artificially enhanced glory. They then engage in an excessive amount of PDA, effectively putting to bed the question of whether they are or aren’t in a relationship.

If you watch the video, you might actually think this is sort of sweet. Kind of like a fucked up Romeo and Juliet, Kylie is now 18 and can openly be with the older guy she loves. Cute. Except for the fact that it’s fucking not. I’ll give you the sparknotes version of Tyga’s lyrics, in which he basically admits to having underage sex with Jenner and goes into disgusting details of such.

“They say she young, I shoulda waited / She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated”

“She a big girl, dog / F**k what they talking about, ni**a / She a big girl, dog / I’m gonna do what the f**k I wanna do when I wanna do / She a big girl, dog / I’m putting in, I’m penetrating”

“Might take her home, gon and dinner plate it / I don’t heat it up, don’t microwave it / She already hot, she sizzle baby / No salt and pepper, she been the pepper / I’ma stimulate her, yeah simple, baby”

First of all, fucking gross. Secondly, why are you bragging about fucking an underage girl? I get it, she’s hot, and yes, she doesn’t live the life that is typical of a newly 18-year-old, but still. This is gross and graphic and quite frankly, unnecessary. Tyga banging out Kylie on the reg is about as big a secret as the fact that her body has been surgically enhanced. We get it, you fuck. But please, for the love of God, and my sanity, stick to the don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

Tyga, I’m not asking you what Kylie’s vagina tastes like, so don’t tell me that she doesn’t need “no salt and pepper.” Please and thank you.

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