Kylie Jenner Just Announced Her “Talent” And We’re All Totally Confused

Kylie Jenner

It finally happened. Kylie Jenner has decided to become known for something other than her lips. According to Us Weekly, the youngest (and quite possibly most annoying) Kardashian has decided to, you guessed it, release an album.

From Us Weekly:

[Kylie Jenner] is taking vocal lessons — and according to her mom, Kris Jenner, she sounds “amazing.”

An insider tells Us that the PacSun and Topshop line fashion designer is also leaning on brother-in-law Kanye West for advice, as well as pal Pia Mia.

But it’s Jenner’s boyfriend of nine months who is her biggest supporter. “He’s helping her write,” a second insider tells Us of Tyga, 25. “It’s very Tinashe-type music.”

Cue: eye roll. As if we didn’t get enough of the Kardashians in our lives, now one of them is going to be on the radio? It’s like, no matter what you do, you can’t avoid them. And the worst part? Kylie actually sounds, dare I say, decent? This vine has emerged, and it’s a little unnerving. I mean, sure, anyone can sound good for like five seconds, but still, the girl might just have some pipes on her.

Despite her potential, we can only hope that her single sounds something like Kim’s, and then maybe, finally, the Kardashians will be done forever. LOL JK. A girl can dream, though. Good luck Kylie. We’re all excited to see how this turns out, one way or another.

[via Us Weekly]

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