Kylie Jenner Is Coming Out With Her Own “Kyshadow” Palette

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has had her fair share of troubles since the launch of her cosmetics brand, but for the most part, her line has been an amazing success. She started out with a few liquid lipstick kits and has expanded into a line of fifteen liquid lipsticks and seven glosses. Last night, Kyles tweeted about another surprise launch for her brand that she would be revealing today, along with a very mysterious GIF.

The wait is finally over and today Kylie announced that she’s coming out with a neutral eyeshadow palette — excuse me, KYSHADOW palette.

Get it? Eyeshadow? Kyshadow? Those Kardashian/Jenners are so punny.

The palette is filled with warm, neutral colors which Kylie loves to wear in her everyday life, and they are flattering on nearly every skin tone. This first palette is called the Kyshadow Bronze Palette.

I’m gonna be the bitch who points this out, but the palette’s packaging looks oddly similar to BH Cosmetics packaging, which is a brand that is known for their low prices and average quality. Their eyeshadows aren’t terrible, but there are definitely better ones out there for the same price. Here’s a palette they launched with Youtuber Shaanxo with similar packaging.

We already know Kylie’s lab is neighbors with ColourPop Cosmetics lab and there were rumors that she used the same formula as them, so maybe she’s piggybacking off of BH Cosmetics’ lab too. This is pure speculation based on my own makeup obsession, but I’m sure if it’s true, Kyles will be exposed in due time.

The palette is launching tomorrow at 3 p.m. PST on her website.

[via Kylie Cosmetics]

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