Kylie Jenner Has A Secret Band (Maybe) I’m OBSESSED With Their Songs

Kylie Jenner Has A Secret Band (Maybe) And Her Songs Are Club Bangers

Back in March, Kylie launched a video to accompany the release of one of her lip kits. Despite being one of the most famous and influential teens in the world, she chose a teeny tiny band to be the musical voice of her brand, yet here they are, Terror Jr, credited as providing the vocals.

Kylie’s been quoted in the past saying she “really would love to be able to sing,” and since then has been rumored to be the lead singer of the band, who’d been using the name Lisa Terror, but has continuously remained faceless.

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Some other cues have been the band’s social media presence. Its Facebook and Twitter pages all began the same week as their first song/Kylie lip kit promo dropped. And Kylie is the ONLY person the band follows on Twitter. Plus, there’s been some super Kylie-looking cover artwork for one of their tracks.

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And then we’re hit with this. ASCAP lists Kylie as a performer on “Three Strikes.”

Of course I think there’s still room for debate here. Kylie would never rock those short nails that “Lisa Terror” is wearing, but I don’t hate these rumors regardless. The band has since released seven other songs and I don’t hate them.

I feel like I can hear Kylie’s voice, especially on “Sugar,” “Pray,” and “Truth,” and frankly, the autotune just strengthens the case. But maybe that’s just because I want it to be true.

Pretty good for a girl with no talent.

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