Kylie Jenner Gets Her Own Spinoff Show, “Life of Kylie”

Life Of Kylie

You want to know how to ruin your day? Open the internet to find that E! is having a KUWTK spinoff series, solely surrounding Kylie Jenner. “Life of Kylie,” will premiere this summer, where the show is all about “realizing things” and getting an inside look at what it’s like to date a mediocre rapper with no grasp on financial realities. Sounds riveting.

To give her some props, Kylie has made herself into a makeup mogul, and Instagram celebrity, and obnoxious Snapchatter, all the while bitching and complaining about how she doesn’t want to be famous one day. But let’s be honest, everything comes a little easier when you share a lineage with the Kardashian clan. Would Kylie be successful if she didn’t have mama Kris? The jury is still out.

Even her statements about her show are so freaking boring. Example:

“These couple years have been such an incredible journey with the support of my fans,” Kylie said. “This show will allow me to give them a peek inside all of the exciting things I am working on as well as some personal time with friends.”

We have already seen all the “behind the scenes” on her Snapchat. We get it.

The good news, is that this new show only has eight episodes and is more of a documentary than a reality show. I realize I am being immensely harsh, and while I do give Kylie respect for working pretty hard for her age, listening to the girl talk makes me cringe. I’ve seen enough of Kylie on KUTWK. If it’s not a documentary about Kim and Kanye, I’m not watching. Kim will always be queen.

[via E!]

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