Kylie Jenner Admits Her Lips Are Indeed Fake

Kylie Jenner

Step away from the lip liner, ladies, because Kylie Jenner has a confession to make. It is indeed lip fillers, not over-lining that gave Kylie Jenner her famed plump pout. After months of claiming she didn’t undergo surgery, and uses makeup deception she’s admitting that she got a little help from the doc.


In the clip from an upcoming episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Kylie is finally owning up to what we already knew: there’s no way on Earth those lips are natural. While I would hope that she wasn’t owning up to her lip plumping secret because she wasn’t ready to admit, I secretly think that this is probably a Kris Jenner ploy for us to tune into the show. A ploy that definitely has me watching.

While technically she hasn’t had “plastic surgery” since lip fillers are temporary, I’m glad that she’s finally owning up to it. I feel better knowing that my hours spent lining my lips and sucking them into shot glasses wasn’t a failure on my part, but an impossible goal. Now let’s see how many girls follow this trend to the doctor’s office. Personally, I’ll continue to buy my drugstore lip liner until this fad dies out.

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