KKG At Utah Lavalieres 89-Year-Old Alumna For Her Birthday

KKG At Utah Lavalieres 89-Year-Old Alumna For Her Birthday

Thanks to a Pi Beta Phi named Samantha Cooper at the University of Utah who worked with her, the sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma were able to unite with an 89-year-old alumna named GG in one of the sweetest most powerful sorority moments I’ve ever seen. When the girls found out one of their own was so local, they HAD to meet her. They went to visit her baring gifts, because it’s never too late to be lavaliered, then serenaded her in a Kappa song. GG remembered the tune, but not the words, and couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as the girls sang to her.

She shared some stories that reminded the girls that sisterhood really is forever:

She pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Utah in the mid 40’s. Her pledge sisters and herself still gathered for brunch at her house one week or so, and her best friend and pledge sister Shirley still regularly visits one or twice a week every week. One story GG shared with us was how Shirley had been the Sigma Chi Sweetheart at the time, and the Betas decided to steal her so should couldn’t attend a function they were having that night. Naturally, GG said “If you’re taking her, you have to take me too!” and they drove them halfway up to a mountain house before the Sigma Chi’s were able to stop them. Oh the good ole days when everything was “hazing”.

Her love for the Betas continues today, because she married one!

Another one of our favorite stories is how she met her Beta Theta Pi husband Bob. According to GG, every year around halloween, each house would set up a stage or house, and her’s was “The Key Hole”. When you go up to the house, you could either get a candy bar for $0.25 or look through the hole to see see GG and her friends doing a hula dance! As if this couldn’t get any cuter, Bob looked through the key hole, saw GG, and said “That’s the girl I am going to marry.” promptly followed by dumping his fiancé at the time. Ugh, when love was real, amiright? To this day, GG still calls herself a “Beta Girl”.

What is life? The girls knew what they had to do. The next time they visited GG, they had to bring the Betas, who GG said was “just as handsome as I remembered!” before claiming that she had to fix her hair in their presence. The boys serenaded her on her 89th birthday, which she unfortunately had to spend in the hospital, but the Kappas and Betas made it a little bit sweeter.

BRB, crying.

[h/t RealLifeLittle]

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