Kim Kardashian West Explains Why She’s Not A Feminist

Kim Kardashian West Explains Why She's Not A Feminist

As a notorious lover of all things Kardashian, I was a little bit disappointed in the recent interview she gave at the BlogHer 16 conference with regard to her relationship with feminism. Because, well, basically she says she’s not a feminist, when all her actions say that she is.

Look, I get it. I don’t identify with everything that seems like a radical feminist view. I am not the “free the nipple” girl. And there are some stereotypical feminist qualities that I don’t want to associate myself with. But that’s exactly why I have to identify as a feminist. As a girl who is borderline hyper feminine — who thinks that having children is THE most important and valuable thing I will ever do with my life — who values beauty, and makeup, and the color pink — I, as that woman with some kind of voice in this generation (though marginal), have to identify as a feminist, because I need to be a person who’s proving that there is more than one way to be a feminist.

A feminist doesn’t have to look how you think she’ll look. She doesn’t have to believe everything you think she’ll believe. All she has to do is support women, and equality, and believe that any woman can do whatever she pleases, and that she has the same rights as any man.

A woman with a voice as powerful as Kay Kay Dubbs — who in the same interview prides herself on “driving the same car” and “living the same life” as husband Kanye on her own accord? She has to be a feminist. She wouldn’t be where she is if she weren’t. And I wish she’d admit that so other people could too.

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Veronica Ruckh

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