Kim Kardashian Posted A Naked Pregnant Selfie And No One Is Surprised

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Well, folks, she’s done it again. Kim has posted another naked picture. Apparently not even pregnancy can stand between this lady and the occasional naked selfie. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but we’ve gone awhile without seeing her tits, and it is scientifically proven that the world stops spinning if two months pass without a Kardashian nude surfacing.

Did I miss something? Since when do people want to see naked pregnant women roaming around? Is nothing left to the imagination anymore? I just don’t know why this was necessary, and at the risk of sounding like a decrepit old grandma, this whole thing is really inappropriate. Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing Kim K’s naked ass.

Im not sure why she feels the need to keep reminding the world that she has a huge set of knockers (as if we could ever forget), but I’m guessing her motivation stems from a constant and debilitating need for both money and attention. We first saw her naked when she starred in a horrible sex tape with impressively mediocre rapper Ray J. I’ll be honest and admit that I definitely looked that shit up. Kim pretty much just starfishes and repeats his name, which is probably exactly what he needs to get off. Then those weird champagne nudes came out and we were all like, wtf, Kim, you’re a friggin mother. Now she’s taken this one step further and actually included her unborn child in naked pictures. That’s going to be crazy awkward to rationalize when the kid is a teenager and his buddies are passing around nudes of his mother in class. How do you expect she’ll talk her way out of that one? “Well, little Kanye Jr., mommy has a bit of an attention addiction…”

I get that the female body is powerful, and pregnancy is beautiful, and blah blah blah. I just wish that Kim had one tiny bit of discretion, or that Kanye was normal enough to remind his wife to not reveal herself to her 34 million followers on a daily basis. But he’s not, and for all we know, he’s standing in the background reminding her which lighting is most flattering and wishing she would ask him to stand next to her with numerous stacks of cash.

The internet might have had the right idea with its campaign to boycott the Kardashians. It’s definitely worth a shot. Nothing shocks us anymore.

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